Richard E. Corey

P.O. Box 3902

Cottonwood AZ 86326



Richard was born in Los Angeles, California. The family moved when he was very young to Yuma, Arizona.  He spent most of his young life in Yuma.  Richard attended and graduated from Yuma High School. Arizona and then went on to attend Western College working on a business degree. 


After his short stay in business college Richard returned to California and took up a mangers position at a local department store.  From there he moved on to running his own business; Action Maintenance Products (AMP) an industrial lighting company.  His business serviced all of Los Angeles for over 7 years.  During this time he still found time to volunteer in a local hospital for mentally challenged youth and adults as well as The Hollywood Hospital assisting AIDS patients as they learned to cope with their condition.


Richard decided to end his stint in California after the 1991 riots.  This was the time to move on.  He moved back to Arizona, Phoenix this time he took a break from the corporate world. 


After a few years he moved to Camp Verde AZ, a small nice town.  Here he opened his own business in furniture restoration and repair.  Richard did this for about a year and a half then sold out to move on to bigger and better things.  He began working at a local television station.  He filmed, edited and produced an assortment of programs focused on community events throughout the Verde valley.


After watching a KCBS broadcast special hometown meeting about the violence of gangs and drug issues Richard decided to start his own foundation..  The Celebration of Youth Foundation, a non-profit to give the youth another avenue, a positive avenue towards success.   His foundation has a lot of support from local and state government and educators. 


One of his many interests for the last 30 years has been writing.  He has written over twelve books. Most books are directed toward the young reader.  As they say youth are our future.  One book has successfully been self published on Amazon; Bloodline, The Doberman Family.  He has received a lot of great and positive feedback on this book and plans to follow up with several sequels in the years to come.


 Richard has always had a love for kids and animals.  Especially dogs and cats.  When I was a child around 6 or 7, I had a health problem.  He was in the hospital for several months.  My dog Ginger stayed by my side for weeks during my illness.  She even gave the doctor a hard time each time he came over to look at me.  They had to put her outside each time the doctor came over.  That’s what this new website is about people telling their favorite stories about their pets.  We all have a favorite pet and a special story.  Even my sister; her dog Cheyenne has started doing anew trick with a ball all by herself. is for all animal stories.  We will have fun with this show doing interviews and talking about pet related subjects.  We will get into homes with pet owners in the future and do some interviews, have contests, and just general fun.  The old saying “Man’s best friend is the dog”  Is it really ladies, maybe dogs are ladies best friends.  Let’s take a vote one day.  We all know cats are everybody’s best friend.


Richard is now enjoying semi retirement in Cottonwood AZ.  We say semi because he is still actively involved in writing and in The Celebration of Youth Foundation.

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