Welcome to PetsWeLove TV Show

We all love our pets.  That is what this TV show is all about.  We are showcasing pets stories from everyday people, interviews with veterinarians, pet store owners, the local humane society and a whole variety of people who care for and love their pets.  Check back frequently for new stories and episodes of Pets We Love..

We are just getting started.  As soon as we digitize our shows we will  have them on line for you to view.  Thanks for your patience. .

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Pets in the news

Interesting and exciting stories about amazing pets all over the world.  If you have a story let us know.



Your pets health

Modern medicine is keeping humans alive longer and can do the same for your pet.  Modern does not have to be conventional.  Here are some new ideas on keeping your pet healthy and happy.

Look here for some new ideas in medical treatment for your pet


Pet Hotels

Do you need to go away for a while?  Don't want to ask the neighbor to watch your pet, again.  Not sure about kennels.  Well here are places for your pet while you are away.